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Breaking: Fox News Just Fired 5 More Reporters. Do You Support This?

The past few months has seen a great deal of turnover at Fox News. Fox News viewers lost beloved On the Air reporter Greta Van Susteren, but they were also allowed to say goodbye forever to divisive, Hillary Clinton supporting, Trump smearing closet liberal Megyn Kelly.

It’s understandable that there would be considerable shake-up at Fox News recently, given that we just had a Presidential election. Now that Republican Donald Trump is in the White House, it’s clearly time for a more fresh and relevant approach. Fox News recently announced that it had fired five more reporters, which has some people up in arms.

The network just sent out a statement about which contributors were given their slips and sent packing, and the list includes famed conservative writer George Will, reporter Marvin Kalb, columnist Cal Thomas, GOP strategist Ed Rollins and former Clueless actress and conservative commentator Stacey Dash.

The most notable firing is certainly that of 75 year old George Will, who the Wall Street Journal once anointed as “the most powerful journalist in America.” However, Will seems to be deeply confused and conflicted as of late, as he announced this past June that he was actually breaking from the Republican party.

Will now goes by the designation “unaffiliated,” and said about the Republicans following the rise of Donald Trump, “This is not my party. Make sure he loses.” Stacey Dash represents a more surprising departure. A Trump supporter, she commented that Americans voted for him because “they want someone who will not put up with non-sense.” Are you pleased or unhappy that these five reporters just got fired from Fox News?

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