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LEAVE MELANIA ALONE! What This Mean Girl Said About Our First Lady Will Get You Amped!

When the libs can’t say something nice, they shouldn’t say nothing at all!  Or maybe they should just keep their mouths shut all-together.

But no, when they’re losing every other argument (Supreme Court Justice, Russia, health care…etc.) they revert to their middle school selves and come out swinging at our beloved First Lady, Melania Trump.

Once again, CNN proves that, if it’s about Trump, even indirectly, they just shouldn’t say nothing at all.  I mean, seriously, folks!  When I watch this video, I feel like I’m back in my middle school cafeteria, listening to all the “mean girls!”

“It’s not a criticism…” says Michelle Kosinski, CNN’s Senior Diplomatic Correspondent.  “The entire conversation in that room was about Melania Trump’s appearance….” “She was obviously reading, with some difficulty, which is not her fault….” Blah, blah, blah.   I mean, Regina George lately?

Clearly, Michelle Kosinski is quite enamored with the Queen of Jordan, as she goes on and on about all heraccomplishments, saying nothing about Melania’s!  So, in the spirit of fighting back, let’s go over just a few:  she speaks 5 languages, she’s started 2 businesses and she’s been a successful model.

Take that, you Regina George!


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