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BREAKING: Barack Obama Likely A Cocaine Addict

Obama has disgraced America in many ways and continues to do with his violations of the Logan Act, as he travels around the world trying to impede President Trump’s progress.

All of what he did, is nothing compared to what was just found. Barack engages in social events in which he does cocaine and also considered homosexuality as well as cheat on his current wife with a past love interest.

According to the Daily Mail, before he became President, Obama used to attend Columbia University, studying to obtain a degree in constitutional law, during those years, it was reported that he used to do cocaine with his girlfriend and attend many parties in which he is highly likely to have done even more drugs.

Given the fact that 60% of addicts relapse to their old habits, it is highly likely that Obama also was and is still using drugs to this day. All the major decisions he took while in office might as well be under drug influence, this drug habit might have cost America many lives!

If Obama was indeed under the influence of narcotics while in office, that constitutes a very severe misconduct, and if those narcotics led to him arriving at a decision that would, later on, hurt the United States, it is treason. The FBI should take measures to investigate how far his drug abuse went, so he can finally face punishment for his crimes.

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