Drag Queens Invading U.S. Schools To Push Liberal ‘Gender Fluidity’ Agenda

Would you let YOUR child go to school in this environment?

The disease known as Progressivism has reached a fever pitch in its bid for relevance.

You may recall the PTA president who performed a disgusting drag routine for little kids, which completely stunned the assembled parents.

Unfortunately, that was just the tip of the sickening liberal iceberg.

Now, drag queens are being paraded out to a host of grade schools in order to expose kids to that alternate lifestyle at a much younger age, and hopefully completely confuse them even more than they are already.

The queens will be reading fairytale fables and stories to the children and making sure that kids have a special opportunity to ask them the reasons why they’ve decided to dress like women.


A new scheme will see drag queens visiting primary schools and libraries in a bid to ‘challenge intolerance and homophobia at a young age’.

Founder Tom Canham told the Bristol Post he has already managed to recruit 30 drag queens who are eager to take part in the project, which will see men dressed as women reading aloud ‘feminist fairytales and gender fluid novels for young children’.

‘Racism, homophobia, misogyny and the like are all learnt behaviours – we aren’t born with any form of hatred, you get taught it over time.

And if projects like these can go some small way to helping prevent or curtail that, then it can only be a good thing.’

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