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Liberals Just Renamed Independence Day – And You Won’t Believe Whose Name They’re Using

It’s considered polite to keep the children of presidents out of the news and debates, at least those younger than 21, except in the most innocent of stories.

Being the child of a sitting president must be challenging enough without becoming the subject of political debates.

After all, they aren’t making policy, but presumably, are just trying to grow up in what is an admittedly extraordinary environment.

But what happens when part of the public, without objection from the parents, thrusts the 18-year old child of a president into a divisive political debate?

And what happens when her behavior turns up on Facebook or Twitter or some other part of the internet?

Do we just ignore it, even if it addresses an important national holiday or tradition, or do we comment?

It’s not an easy answer.

Yet we have the situation where a movement has been started on the internet by a Hollywood rapper to rename Independence Day, “Malia Obama Day” since July 4th is her birthday.

Apparently, there have been no objections raised by her parents to this absurd idea.

It all started on social media with Chance the Rapper suggesting that July 4th is not American Independence Day but Malia Obama Day.

That tweet has over 350,000 reactions and 150,000 re-tweeting in support. July 4th is Malia’s birthday, and the anti-American liberal loons decided Chance the Rapper was on to something.”

The real agenda here has little to do with Miss Obama, and a lot to do with denigrating the founders and founding of our country. She and her date of birth just happened to be convenient.

“Inquistr reported on ‘Malia Obama Day,’ saying:

‘The refusal of several people to acknowledge Columbus Day, for example, because it is directly connected with the invasion of America’s native population by Europeans, is a case in point.

African-Americans who tweeted the world a ‘Happy Malia Obama Day’ also pointed out that they could not celebrate Fourth of July when the welfare of minorities in present-day America did not feature prominently on the White House’s agenda.’”

So there it is, this young lady is being used as a tool by the left to attack President Trump. That is precisely what should nothappen.

President Trump, by the way, has indicated a deep concern for improving the situation of the black community.

Perhaps that’s what has these leftists concerned – that the black community might figure out that they have a better champion in Donald Trump than they ever had in the likes of Nancy Pelosi or even Barack Obama.

We are going to maintain the tradition of leaving a president’s minor children out of the political debate.

Perhaps Miss Obama is a delightful young lady – we don’t know. To the liberals’ horror, she might grow up to be a conservative Republican. Again, we don’t know.

We do know that using her birthday as a tool to attempt to take a swipe at the founders of our nation is beneath us. If the radical left wishes to do so, that’s their business.

In the meantime we are going to let the young lady be a young lady, wish her well in college, and focus on far more important things that the views of a few hundred thousand goofballs who can’t think of any better way of voicing their grievances against President Trump.

Just sad tripe. Nothing more.

Source: Mad World News

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