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You won’t believe what the liberals are doing to Trump supporters.

It has been the case since President Trump was elected, and even before that, that violence was propagating against the supporters of President Donald Trump. However, in these most recent times, the violence has escalated. The reason behind this is more sinister than anticipated

Violence against Trump supporters – Police backing Liberals!

Trump Supporters have been under siege by both the violent Liberals and the police have actively let this happen. The most notable case was a hate crime, against a disabled individual. There were also other incidents, such as a man shooting another man’s truck for flying a Trump flag.

Orchestrated Division

This is sort of division is the result of “fabricated narrative” enforced by the fake media. The fake media is portraying these acts of violence towards conservatives as street justice. They do this in hopes of portraying an increasingly unstable America and then blame that instability on the current government.

Putting an end

The strength of liberalism is on their fake narrative. As long as they can keep on claiming to be the “peaceful group” their rallying power will be strong. The fastest way to put an end to them is to openly address these biased media outlets as fakes news. President Trump, with his rough approach, has managed to expose CNN true colors. CNN in the last few weeks have resorted to such low pl

CNN, overwhelmed by the resistance, has resorted to openly threatening Trump Supporters as well instigating Street violence. They have seen their confidence levels sink to an all time. The legacy they had built over many decades plummeted over the course of few months.

But the fight is just starting, there are numerous news networks, celebrities, judges and politicians standing in the way of America’s unity and progress. And it’s up to us to expose their intention to Make America United Again!

Please share this article if you want the media to stop dividing the country. Join the fight, and help Trump Make America Great Again.

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