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WATCH: Al Franken stunned Trump with his statement “The Real Problem With This Administration Is You” (VIDEO)

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher to discuss Donald Trump’s “unbelievably horrible” week and whether those few Republicans who are finally speaking out against Trump will end up improving him.

After Trump’s disastrous press conferences in response to Charlottesville, GOP lawmakers like Tennessee senator Bob Corker publicly criticized Trump. Franken joked, “I’ve known for weeks that Trump is a terrible president.”

He characterized the problem this way:
There are a number of Republican senators who have been saying from the beginning that they have a lot of doubts about him but won’t go public with that because he still has 80-some percent of his base behind him, and that’s their base. So politically, they’re unwilling to go public.

And there were some people who said, “There’s nothing good about neo-Nazis,” etc., but wouldn’t blame Trump.
He added, “This week was unbelievably horrible. It was a tragic week….But I don’t think [Trump] changes.”

Franken’s appearance came just hours after the Trump administration parted ways with advisor Steve Bannon, the architect of the president’s most stridently nationalist views. He said:

Is [Bannon’s departure] going to make a difference? The problem with this administration is Trump, and it’s going to continue. We’ve heard this. “When [Chief of Staff John] Kelly comes in, everything will be fine.” And boom—he threatens nuclear war.


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