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Did Trump Assist Rescuers in Pulling Harvey Victims from Floodwaters?

Brandon Griggs of CNN noted Tuesday the massive storm led to 56,000 calls to 911 in the Houston area during a 15-hour span and 3,400 water rescues were required as the historic rainfall led to major flooding in Texas’ largest city.

Houston has asked the Federal Emergency Management Agency for more supplies, including cots and food, for an additional 10,000 people, said Mayor Sylvester Turner.

But, despite the weakening of the weather system, Harvey caused more people to evacuate their homes on Friday as it dumped heavy rain on Louisiana. Some areas received more than 51.88 inches of rain. So far the Attorney General has received 684 complaints.

Busloads of people fleeing floodwaters around Port Arthur arrived in Lake Charles, joining locals who had already packed into shelters to escape waterlogged homes. Many roads, including vital highways and parkways, were submerged and businesses flooded and shuttered. The victim’s husband told authorities he went to get help after the tree crashed into the home because he could not get to her.

Mr Trump was criticised during his trip to Texas on Tuesday for wearing a baseball cap which is on sale on his own website.

On Wednesday US time, it swamped the coast from Port Arthur, Texas, to Lake Charles, Louisiana.

One Indian student has died after he almost drowned in a swollen lake in Texas.

And televangelist Joel Osteen opened his 16,000-seat Houston megachurch after he was blasted on social media for not acting to help families displaced by the storm. According to The Independent, four workers at a Mexican bakery who were trapped because of rising floodwaters made hundreds of loaves and sheets of pan dulce, a Mexican pastry, to donate to other people affected by the disaster. Indian businesses and places of worship were providing shelters to the displaced.

He described the Greater Houston area, where almost 200,000 Indian-Americans live, as a “ghost town”.

Flash-flood warnings have been issued for the state’s south. Officials in Houston were still unable to determine the extent of the tragedy.

“My first phase is what I’m doing is this weekend, my teammates and I have semi-trucks rolling in from out of town that we filled up”, Watt said.

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